Endika Salazar 11-19 Free - Visual Juggling 1.0

2206 Vues | Ven 05 avril 2013 | Mar 18 janvier 2022
The third of 19 clips free of visual juggling 1.0

« Visual Juggling Project » is a succession of suggestions on object motions & body languages, hilighting the graphic side of the discipline. This is the result of the gathering & collaboration of a dozen of international jugglers & manipulators, around various props such as balls, clubs, rings, pois, devilstick & frisbee. It has been made from the shared reexions, explorations & experiences of those major stakeholders on the dynamic relationships between « tech » & « flow ». Thus, this 80 Minutes Hi Denition video (a total of 19 chapters) is the one to get to become aware of the potentialities concerning that recent playground.

The Juggler: Endika Salazar.


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