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Welcome to the new NetJuggler website:

For now, the shop part is 100% integrated. If you notice any bugs, please let us know. Just as if you have any difficulty ordering, our team is available by phone to advise you and take your orders as usual! The English version of the website is currently being translated by Daniel ! If the English reads well, then Daniel did the translation... If what you read is weird, then it was probably translated by a robot ! Daniel is progressivly correcting the robot ! Thanks for your patience will we improve all descriptions and text in English.


This section will open soon and will host juggling news in the form of articles, much like a blog. You will have the opportunity to submit news and suggest articles to publish.


This will be the first new feature to see the light of day, it's almost ready! Inspired by our old juggling video platform Juggletube closed since 2014. We are bringing this old project back to life by giving it a facelift. You will have the possibility to publish your juggling videos on our site.


A calendar of circus and street art events in Europe: you will find the dates of juggling conventions, circus festivals, street festivals ... You will also find the dates of shows close to home you. There will also be circus training and workshops. You can easily add the events you organize to it.

Circus troups:

Circus and street performer troups will be able to have on page on which they can show off their shows, and different activities. If you are a show company, you can manage your company section yourself, to highlight your activities. All features will always be free. Efficient communication tools will be at your disposal.


This section will contain tutorials for learning different circus disciplines. It will contain tutorials that we have produced ourselves in collaboration with artists and educators. But you can also post your own tutorials there.

Launch date of the different sections:

For the moment we have no dates to communicate to you. We will gradually launch the different sections. The first to see the light of day will be Juggletube. The second will be the news section.

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Flexible spinning plate


For the introduction to circus arts. Explanatory video on the page of the item.

Prices on an orange background are for professional structures: associations, schools, communities and disabled people ...

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